Copyright ©2010-2017 Zed Sensations. All rights reserved.

By purchasing from or co-operating with Zed Sensations (Sugarfairy2)  you agree to the following terms:

This TOS covers purchases purchased by any of the customers and items offered to Bloggers at ZED SENSATIONS.

Please read and understand this TOS. Anyone caught breaking it will be abuse reported to linden labs.

All items received falls under the following terms of service. Even if won in a contest, lucky chair, or MM.

By purchasing you agree to the following:

1. No Refunds. If there is a problem with a product please contact us, and we will do the best we can to correct it. ie.. items missing from a package, download problems. (remember to rezz the bag or box on the floor by dragging it from your inventory and right clicking on the bag/box to open).

This does not cover if you purchased a item by mistake or purchasing the wrong item. Please see store policy for more information:

  • Demos inworld are available for all mesh and skin items
  • Information in the marketplace is detailed in the description
  • Photos of the product are clear (but mesh still needs to be demo’ed due to many different mesh body brands)
  • The Vendors cannot send you a wrong colour nor wrong item, what you click on is what  you receive.
  •  Redelivery Terminals are available inworld at the mainstore for the client for failed deliveries (inworld or the marketplace) and for updates.

1.1  DOUBLE PURCHASES.   As stated in section 1 of this document that we do not refund we do offer you another alternative.   This is only applicable to purchases made to your avatar only. You may send a detailed copy of proof purchases and transactions on a notecard (as I lose my Ims).  Choose another product of Zed Sensations for the same value and after we have verified the transaction that you have given us with Linden Labs, we will surely send you the selected product for the exact same value  to you as soon as we are able.

2.  If you publicise/promote/blog/ our product on any website you have to send us a link of the url to that particular page.

Advertisement images for the products are not to be used or altered for your own ads. You are not buying the rights to use the advertisement images as your own.

3.  You purchasing the product does not give you any rights to our textures, codes nor designs.  If you wish that particular product for anything particular different from what we designed for then notify us.  We do not responsibilise ourselves if you use our products for anything that is not shown in our advertising photos and for which we have supplied Demos (always available inworld), for eg, children products and other avatars that are not human shaped or designed.

4. Our products are all copyrighted and our prices are fairly made which apply to my own unique ideas, work, expenses and design.  Zed Sensations will not tolerate any form of intimidation or harassment pertaining to this.  Prices are non-negotiable.

5.  Any form of harassment is immediately taken seriously and unless there is a legitimate problem I will try to help personally, unless for trolling I take immediate defensive legal action to the respective authorities.  Reported, banned from our online sites, secondlife land, stores and vendors, blocked from all forms of communication.

6.  We solely reserve the right to our own freedom of creativity and designs.  We do not change our textures nor our product due to personal opinions.  Product is created and copyrighted as is and will stay as is unless there is an actual defect in the product itself which will be fixed if necessary.

We do not answer to applier and mesh body groups.  Mesh Body  and Applier groups cannot help you with the products of Zed Sensations.

We design our own mesh and design to what we deem fit for release and for which mesh bodies.

We use the appliers to what we deem fit that suits us and our designs and how we wish to represent it.

We do not allow any mesh body company  or applier creator to interfere or suggest on our permission  allowances of our products.  Any breech of our textures, or permissions will be reported to Lindens Labs and possible legal action.  If you wish to know anything about us concerning solely our products then you contact Sugarfairy2 Resident (the creator) by notecard.  Omega applier problems with the applier ITSELF, and not the textures, are to be forwarded to Chellynne Bailey (the creator of the omega applier system).   All applier companies are solely their own businesses and hold no power over our company, products, designs, policies nor textures.

6.1  Our company has our own personal preference in which bodies we photograph our products.  This does not mean that we are falsely advertising.  There are far too many different existing brand bodies to photograph all of those that we represent.  All other bodies that wish to confirm if the product is suited to themselves, you have not been denied the opportunity of trying a demo.  Our mesh products do have existing demos at our inworld store, due to malicious persons who hide behind the opportunity of getting free demos off the marketplace unseen and copying work that does not originate from themselves.  Due to the script protection you will most likely be required to rezz the bag on the floor.  You are given 5 minutes to try the product with the texture.  The demos are free.

6.2  We do not make demos for layered clothing appliers. We only make demos for our actual mesh clothing which have a greater risk of not fitting as they are not made for all bodies.

6.3  Demos for skin appliers:  Our skins are made for the original sl avatar.  We do supply demos for these, but due to people who feel they can copy textures freely even though against Linden Labs TOS,   and in order to protect our company and product, we have deliberately left deformed shapes and not all perfect textures for the demo body appliers (such as nails and toes not being edited, big hands and feet, bent knees), although the original product when actually paid for is correct.  Demos are for free so do not expect much besides settling with option of skin tone selection.

7. Any actions taken for violations of the previous version of This TOS still apply.

Sugarfairy2 Resident (Founder – Owner)
ShamanofSeduction Resident (Founder – Co Owner)


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