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Sedation Gown

Sedation Gown aqua Sedation Gown blue Sedation Gown pink


A charming fitted mesh two piece gown. Due to the transparency of the fitted mesh top, there is a layered inner top to discreetly cover those intimate parts and still maintain the sexy image i was trying to portray.

This is a gown that fits the sl avatar and the fitted mesh bodies as mentioned below

The package includes:

Sl layer for inner top

Fitted mesh tops and skirts for:
Wowmeh 3.1 NOT the fuller figure shape
Lolas Tango delicq (WARNING!!! other mesh breasts to please try the demo before purchasing)
KL Lena Lush
VS Fusion
Slink Physique
Eve Pulpy
Eve Slim
G. Inc Perfect Body

Appliers for the following mesh bodies and attachments:
Lolas Tango (is available in the bag but only incase your mesh breast fits the shirt after trying the demo)
Lolas Tango Delicq
Lush Breasts (is available in the bag but only incase your mesh breast fits the shirt after trying the demo)
Slink Physique
Eve hud for Pulpy and Slim
Belleza Venus
Wowmeh 3.1 not the fuller figure shape.
Omega (G. Inc to use omega appliers and any other body that tries the demo and it happens to fit your body.
TMP (the mesh project)

Visit the store to see more of what we have available for you.
Try the demo, it is ONLY available inworld.






Easter Angel Outfit

easter angel PIC BLACK WHITE easter angel PIC PINK AND WHITE

Awesomely cute outfit with a sensual mix. Lingerie and outfit all in one.

Serves for both the sl avatar and mesh bodies as will be listed below.

sl layer clothing
mesh wings (modify)
Fitted mesh skirt sl avatar
Fitted mesh skirt Eve Pulpy and Slim
Fitted mesh skirt Tmp
Fitted mesh skirt Belleza
Fitted mesh skirt Maitreya
Fitted mesh skirt Vs Fusion
Fitted mesh skirt KL Lena Lush
Fitted mesh skirt Slink Physique
Bow tie (resizer script)
Bunny ears (modify)
Bunny tail
Easter basket

Appliers included:

Lolas tango
Eve pulpy and slim hud
Tmp appliers
Maitreya hud
Belleza Hud
Omega appliers
KL Lena applier hud
Wowmeh appliers
Vs Fusion appliers
Slink Physique

Try the demo skirts that are available at the inworld store only.





Fitted mesh babydoll Keisha



A sexy sheer babydoll nighty in fitted mesh.

Materials Enabled ( enhanced texturing once enabled will be noticed when you activate your advanced lighting and ambient occlusion in your Preferences in your viewer)

As no alphas are required in this babydoll is fitted mesh is RLV possible. Just slip into your RLV folder The panty is not RLV as it is a layer system.
Texture Hud

Fitted mesh babydoll sl classic avatar and serves for wowmeh (insize) as well
Fitted mesh babydoll classic 2
Fitted mesh babydoll EVE PULPY
Fitted mesh babydoll EVE SLIM
Fitted mesh babydoll VS FUSION Genesis Compatible
Fitted mesh babydoll Slink Physique
Fitted mesh babydoll Slink Hourglass
Fitted mesh babydoll Belleza Isis Natural
Fitted mesh babydoll Belleza Freya Natural
Fitted mesh babydoll Belleza Venus Compatible Natural
Fitted mesh babydoll KL Lena Lush Compatible
Fitted mesh babydoll Maitreya Compatible
Fitted mesh babydoll TMP Compatible
Panties are offered:
4 panties (white, pink, red and black) for sl classic avatar

Panty Appliers for mesh bodies (warning: the sheer fitted mesh babydoll has a possibility of clashing with mesh body clothing layer (by the panty disappearing when looking through the mesh babydoll)
4 colours:
Omega appliers
Slink Physique hud
Eve Hud for pulpy and slim
wowmeh appliers
Vs fusion appliers
KL Lena appliers
Belleza applier Hud
TMP (the mesh project)
Maitreya applier Hud

Try the Demo inworld to make sure it meets your satisfaction before purchasing. http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Static%20Beats/84/236/59