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Tropical Dream outfit

Tropical dream outfit AD

Tropical dream outfit 5_001

Sexy, light and summery dress with panty and a pair of unrigged sandals

Materials Enabled ( enhanced texturing once enabled will be noticed when you activate your advanced lighting and ambient occlusion in your Preferences in your viewer)

Hud which textures both the outer and inner of the dress, the lace straps and panty.


Unrigged mesh necklace (modify)

Texture hud for texturing the dress and sandals

2 tropical floral textures (pineapple and green leaves) 1 non sheer and 3 transparency options

7 colours for sandal strap (matte and transparent possibility)
7 colours for bottom sandal decor flower
7 colours for bottom sandal decor flower

Rigged mesh sandals for Slink, Eve, Belleza and Maitreya flat feet

Fitted mesh dress EVE PULPY
Fitted mesh panty EVE PULPY

Fitted mesh dress EVE SLIM
Fitted mesh panty EVE SLIM

Fitted mesh dress SLINK PHYSIQUE
Fitted mesh panty SLINK PHYSIQUE

Fitted mesh dress SLINK HOURGLASS
Fitted mesh panty SLINK HOURGLASS

Fitted mesh dress BELLEZA ISIS natural
Fitted mesh panty BELLEZA ISIS

Fitted mesh dress BELLEZA FREYA natural
Fitted mesh panty BELLEZA FREYA

Fitted mesh dress BELLEZA Venus natural
Fitted mesh panty BELLEZA Venus

Fitted mesh dress Tonic Curvy
Fitted mesh panty Tonic Curvy

Fitted mesh dress Tonic Fine
Fitted mesh panty Tonic Fine

Fitted mesh dress Ebody
Fitted mesh panty Ebody

Fitted mesh dress MAITREYA
Fitted mesh panty MAITREYA


Try the Demo inworld to make sure it meets your satisfaction before purchasing.




Aida Arabian Slippers

aida arabian slippers

Beautiful woodland delicate slippers. Goes beautifully with arabian outfits, forest creatures such as fairies, elves, etc.
Pay attention, that this is only for those that own slink flat feet, Eve, Belleza and Tmp mesh bodies.
Materials Enabled ( enhanced texturing once enabled will be noticed when you activate your advanced lighting and ambient occlusion in your Preferences in your viewer)


Includes a texture hud to texture slippers and leaves.

Mesh slippers for slink flat feet
Mesh slippers for Eve pulpy and Slim
Mesh slippers for Belleza bodies Venus, Isis and Freya
Mesh slippers for TMP (the mesh project)

Try the Demo inworld to make sure it meets your satisfaction before purchasing.

inworld http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Static%20Beats/84/236/59

marketplace https://marketplace.secondlife.com/p/Zed-SensationsAida-Arabian-Slippers-Eve-pulpy-Slim-Belleza-Isis-venus-freya-Slink-Physique-TMP/7827666

Carolina outfit Eve

carolina outfit Eve

A really sexy hot fitted mesh Eve outfit for that out on the night or for that walk in city when shopping.

Fitted mesh jumpsuit Eve pulpy
Fitted mesh rope belt Eve pulpy
Fitted mesh eve heels L and R Eve pulpy
Fitted mesh jumpsuit Eve Slim
Fitted mesh rope belt Eve Slim
Fitted mesh eve heels L and R Eve Slim
Hud to texture the jumpsuit, belt and kneehigh lace up sandals.

Try the DEMO inworld at the mainstore only.

This will not fit your secondlife avatar nor any other fitted mesh body apart from this brand.




Brandy fitted mesh outfit

Brandy Outfit

This is a springy, summer outfit. Compiled of a lovely zebra animal printed satin top , denim jeans and wooden soled heels.


This outfit does give for the secondlife avatar and the fitted mesh bodies as mentioned below.

There is a texture changing hud included for the possibility of
8 top pantone colours
3 denim jeans pantone colours (blue, black and grey)
4 heels textures

Included in the bag are:

Fitted mesh top sl (butt size 0-68) / Wowmeh (3.1 insize)
Fitted mesh top sl2 (butt size 69 – 100)
Fitted mesh top Eve Pulpy
Fitted mesh top Eve Slim
Fitted mesh top Slink Physique
Fitted mesh jeans sl (butt size 0-68)
Fitted mesh jeans sl2 (butt size 69-100)
Fitted mesh jeans Eve Pulpy
Fitted mesh jeans Eve Slim
Fitted mesh jeans Slink Physique

Converted fitted mesh for the following:

Fitted mesh top Tmp
Fitted mesh top Vs Fusion
Fitted mesh top Belleza
Fitted mesh top Maitreya
Fitted mesh jeans Tmp
Fitted mesh jeans Vs Fusion
Fitted mesh jeans Belleza
Fitted mesh jeans Maitreya
Fitted mesh jeans Wowmeh 3.1 insize

Mesh heels for Slink High Feet
Mesh heels for Eve adaptive Feet
WARNING! All other mesh bodies to PURCHASE or USE (if purchased already) the slink high feet to wear the heels.

DISCLAIMER/WARNING: On all accounts be aware that the mesh clothing that are made (apart from Slink Physique and EVE)… are simply unofficial converted versions for your mesh bodies. Until we get the correct mesh clothing kits from the actual mesh body creators, such as Tmp, Maitreya, Belleza, Kitties Lair, (Wowmeh unfortunately NEVER) and Vs Fusion. I always RECOMMEND that you try the demos which are always available at the inworld vendors so that you can make sure first of what you want). My demos are script protected, therefore NO COPY, so always when getting a demo, rezz the bag at home or at a sandbox and open to your inventory from there. DO NOT HOLD AND OPEN, the items will not appear. WE DO NOT REFUND under any circumstances. Please READ our policies and TOS rules and take into consideration seriously, https://zedsensations.wordpress.com

We also have help pages concerning mesh.

The demos are only available at the inworld store. I highly recommend you try the demos.