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Unsaid fm Dress

Unsaid dress MP


Mesh Low front and extreme cut back velvet touched mini dress.


Texture hud with 10 tones
kill script button

Rigged mesh Dress comes in 5 sizes.

Fitmesh for:

5 fitmesh sizes for Sl avatar

Belleza Isis, Freya, Venus
Maitreya lara
Slink Physique, Hourglass
Tonic curvy, fine


Visit our store inworld – Try the Demo inworld in the Womens Casual department using the teleporter at the landing point






Transcend fitted mesh Gown

Transcend Gown FM

Semi sheer elegant and classy fitted mesh gown that is given a soft flair with the flexi skirts and a texture hud that also resizes the flexi skirts. So many combinations to give you a good diversity of colours.
Materials Enabled ( enhanced texturing once enabled will be noticed when you activate your advanced lighting and ambient occlusion in your Preferences in your viewer)


Texture Hud controlled and also resizes the Flexi skirts.

Fitted mesh jacket sl avatar
Fitted mesh jacket Eve Pulpy
Fitted mesh jacket Eve Slim
Fitted mesh jacket Slink Physique
Fitted mesh jacket Slink Hourlgass
Fitted mesh jacket compatible for Maitreya
Fitted mesh jacket compatible for Tmp
Fitted mesh jacket for Belleza Isis
Fitted mesh jacket for Belleza Freya

Fitted mesh Gown sl avatar
Fitted mesh Gown Eve Pulpy
Fitted mesh Gown Eve Slim
Fitted mesh Gown Slink Physique
Fitted mesh Gown Slink Hourglass
Fitted mesh Gown compatible for Maitreya
Fitted mesh Gown compatible for TMP
Fitted mesh Gown for Belleza Isis
Fitted mesh Gown for Belleza Freya


Flexi skirts

Try the Demo inworld to make sure it meets your satisfaction before purchasing. http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Static%20Beats/84/236/59

marketplace https://marketplace.secondlife.com/p/Zed-SensationsTranscend-Gown-FM-sl-classic-Eve-pulpy-slim-Slink-Physique-Belleza-Isis-Freya-Tmp-Maitreya/7527539