Copyright ©2010-2017 Zed Sensations. All rights reserved.

By purchasing from Zed Sensations (Sugarfairy2)  you agree to the following terms:

marketplace sales

PERMISSIONS – Because our items are NO MODIFY unless stated in our advertising pictures differently and stated in our markeplace descriptions due to some items that may require modifiable permissions), COPY,  NO TRANSFER, we do not offer refunds on purchases.  Our advertising pictures are the first and last say of what our product contains.

WARNING!! Your responsibility as a client before contacting any of the below:

  •  Read the marketplace description before purchasing, it there for a reason and if you are able to be on secondlife and read, then make it your priority to read and understand what is written.  Make sure you know WHAT  you are purchasing and that you are familiar with its requirements or that you own the product you are using it for.
  • Due to the fact the many own multiple mesh bodies in the present secondlife and look for ways of buying one and getting another for another mesh body for free and attempting to scam creators out of their sales to maintain their multiple mesh bodies.. (seriously if you cant afford to maintain your mesh bodies that you spend your money on buying and keep them clothed then stick to what you like most and use it). What you own mesh body wise, your personal and financial problems, and what your partners (for all we know your so called partner could possibly be your alt :)) problems are not Zed Sensations problem. We do not know you, if the product is for that brand then it was your responsibility or your partners responsibility to read that information or ask before purchasing, it does NOT become the responsibility of ZED SENSATIONS.
  •  Make sure you understand the policies of the product before risking the purchase.
  •  Make sure you tried a demo first and if you have any doubts that you contacted Sugarfairy2 inworld about the product BEFORE purchasing.  We do have demos inworld as we have a STORE inworld for you to come to the store and try the products, or else I dont see the point of a secondlife 3D virtual inworld store.
  •  We do not refund, as our product is NO Transfer,  so therefore failure to pay attention or to care from your part as the customer will lead to you being ignored, or even if you harass it will lead to being reported and banned.
  • There are nearly 3000 products and on the sim there is a landing point.  There are teleporters to help you get to your selected section.  If you cant find the product dont hesitate to ask if we are there we will assist and inform,or ask in the store group and maybe someone will know.  No open landing points will be even considered to the sim due to private homes and invasion of privacy, being a guest please behave as such, we have our system for a reason and have done everything that is possible to make it easy, the rest is up to you.
  • I will not accept any requests of copying works of real products nor co-virtual item creators.  That is totally unacceptable in my books.  I am an original content creator for my own system and fitmesh clothing and skins and also support other creators by sometimes purchasing their works to incorporate with mine.  I will not steal nor accept any form of suggestion to do otherwise.  In turn, if I do catch a designer that did feel this is ok in their books, the result will be a DMCA.

1. PROBLEM: I bought in the marketplace as a gift but it came to me.  RESPONSE:    You get one opportunity for me to help you send this to your friend or partner in question.  A repetition will be considered negligence because there is a distinct GIFT button on the marketplace page.


The vendors have logos of applier brands if there are and logos if a product is for the mesh avatar.  It is your responsibility to pay attention to these details and trying demos.  Also the marketplace descriptions are very clear about what the product entails.

We are not responsible for items purchased by mistake, be sure what you are buying is exactly what you are wanting.


2. PROBLEM: I bought the wrong colour can you please change the colour I really wanted a white dress  RESPONSE:  NO.  We do not exchange any item.  It is your responsibility to make sure you are purchasing the correct colour.  The advertising clearly shows each item colour in each photo and the colour is also written on the name of the item.

2.1 We do not change our textures nor our product due to personal opinions.  Product is created and copyrighted as is and will stay as is unless there is an actual defect in the product itself which will be fixed if necessary.

3.  DOUBLE PURCHASES.   We do not refund.   This is only applicable to purchases made to your avatar only.  You may send a detailed copy of proof purchases and transactions on a notecard (as I lose my Ims).  Choose another product of Zed Sensations for the same value and after we have verified the transaction that you have given us with Linden Labs, we will surely send you the selected product for the exact same value  to you as soon as we are able.

4. MESH PRODUCTS – Products that we have been designed have one standard pattern and that does not change for any mesh body brand.  We do not change our products we only fix legitimate errors such as sl mesh glitching ( where the mesh will stick to the hand and not clothe the body (this is a very rare occurance)  Mesh texture huds, textures stay as is sold, only will be fixed if there is a script jam and the button wont work.

APPLIERS -Products that have been designed before the mesh bodies have come out and appliers added – we do not responsible ourselves for your disillusion on the facts concerning mesh bodies.  All sl layered texture clothing are simply converted in the appliers so that YOU as the customer are able to wear the item on your particular mesh body.  As many of our clients have already purchased so many of our products we supply the appliers in the bags (if there was no major change required in the templates) free of charge.  So remember that if you see so many appliers, that there are more clients than just yourself and your particular needs.  Whatever you do not use just delete the undesired item(s).  There are only three mesh developing projects that I have authorized to make for : EVE pulpy, slim, ADAM mesh body,  SLINK PHYSIQUE male and female, Hourglass and BELLEZA isis, freya.  We do not convert our sl layered clothing into mesh products.

4.1  Our company has our own personal preference in which bodies we photograph our products.  This does not mean that we are falsely advertising.There are far too many different existing brand bodies to photograph all of those that we represent.  All other bodies that wish to confirm if the product is suited to themselves, you have not been denied the opportunity of trying a demo.  Our mesh products do have existing demos at our inworld store, due to malicious persons who hide behind the opportunity of getting free demos off the marketplace unseen and copying work that does not originate from themselves.  Due to the script protection you will most likely be required to rezz the bag on the floor.  You are given 5 minutes to try the product with the texture.  The demos are free.

4.2  We do not make demos for layered clothing appliers. We only make demos for our actual mesh clothing which have a greater risk of not fitting as they are not made for all bodies.

4.3  Demos for skin appliers:  Our skins are made for the original sl avatar.  We do supply demos for these, but due to people who feel they can copy textures freely even though against Linden Labs TOS,   and in order to protect our company and product, we have deliberately left deformed shapes and not all perfect textures for the demo body appliers (such as nails and toes not being edited, big hands and feet, bent knees), although the original product when actually paid for is correct.  Demos are for free so do not expect much besides settling with option of skin tone selection.

No redelivery for items from the  MM or the Lucky Chairs.

FAILED DELIVERY AND PRODUCT UPDATES – REDELIVERY TERMINAL – there is a redelivery terminal at the mainstore for any purchases made in the marketplace or from our vendors inworld.  If you have a redelivery issue do not hesitate to contact Sugarfairy2 Resident.

If there is an error with the product we will do our best to correct it in a timely manner. Simply contact the Sugarfairy2 Resident with the following details for a guaranteed and swift response as soon as she is able to get online:  A NOTECARD (my IMS get capped whether you like it or not, I belong to many groups and receive endless notices, so my viewer caps a lot of my stuff.  Not everything appears in my email (if I could give you a technical explanation I would but I cant) with a detailed description of the problem at hand, a copy of the transaction of your online account which you will find in your TRANSACTION HISTORY.   transaction detailsEXACT NAME OF THE PRODUCT AND COLOUR.

Our items are sold as is and just because you purchased an item doesnt give you any rights to owning our textures or the uuids in the appliers to enable you to wear our clothing on your avatar and mesh body parts.  Our products are not adjusted nor changed due to the personal opinion of any customer, due to the varying ideals, wants and likes of every and each personality.  Customers who feel they have special wants and needs, must utilize the CUSTOM MADE SERVICES.

We try to help customers as best we can with questions and issues.

Abusive reviews and remarks will be reported as it is against TOS rules and its considered public defamation, which is illegal and I will take maximum action.  There are civil manners to do things.

If you find yourself banned from our sim, stores and vendors that is because we reserve the right to choose whom we care to do business with.  As stated before, we do not tolerate abuse, intimidation and/or cyber bullying towards us or any other person or entity on the internet.

1.  A client has the full right for attentive and caring support concerning the product that they spent money purchasing.

2. The creators ideas, time, work, dedication  is not for price bargain.  You pay the price that is made available to you, if you are not happy you have the free option to:

A.  Join the store group inworld and benefit the discounts and promotions that are made available.

B. not purchase from Zed Sensations nor harass Zed Sensations neither its staff over what you can and cannot afford.  This is considered harassment.

3.  Zed Sensations Designs and textures are exclusively for the store, our products are sold as is and will not be changed under any circumstances.

Group Membership – If you leave the group, and wish to rejoin. The fees still applies. No refunds are given for group membership.

If you are found to be breaking TOS you will be removed from the group and banned from the store and vendors.


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