Use this group to help you find things that you cant seem to find or help each other in the positive sense.

A pre-warning for the special people who think the store is their personal custom workshop:

The store is not a burger drive through, its not a place to make orders.  All mesh designs are designed as is, this is not a custom work house.  So only support on appliers, possible mesh glitches.  No support on personal custom diva attitudes “I would like it if…….”  sorry you are one and there are many.

ZED SENSATIONS DOES not change its products, they are SOLD as IS until there is a really good reason Sugarfairy2 feels changes need to be made.   Demo before you purchase where fitmesh items are concerned – if you do not like it then do not buy it 🙂  Sugarfairy2 is not YOUR PERSONAL designer.

Group Manager – Bewitched Difference

Group Moderators – Bewitched Difference

                                       Zsarkynika Resident

  CSR                              Kiylee Resident

Member Benefits:

* Access to Group MM Board. This board locks nearly every day!

* Access to Group Lucky Chairs – All group Lucky Chair items are Full Permission.

* Access to Freebie Vendors located next to the Lucky Chairs.

* 25% Discount for 24 hours only on all NEW releases at the mainstore inworld ONLY.

* 5 – 10% Discount on majority of the products at the mainstore inworld ONLY.

* Notices on new releases and any promotions.  Fashion show and Event notices

The charges for the group do not guarantee you a monthly gift as I am busy with a lot more helping clients by updating products with new body fitmeshes and appliers for FREE. 

ZED SENSATIONS Group Chat Policy

This group chat has been reactivated but Sugarfairy2 and ShamanofSeduction cannot be around 24/7 monitoring the behaviour of people in my chats , so do not click on links that are not provided by the moderators and owners of the Group, to click on random links by the general public becomes your own account risk.

As much as Sugarfairy2 loves people, she is truly a very busy person as she is constantly designing, fixing or taking time out of her life to help people learn about the products that they own and then She DOES HAVE A LIFE BEYOND SL, she eats, has a family and sleeps.  So if you want her to help you keep it short, to the point and she will do her best to get the problem sorted within the boundaries of what she has already predetermined.  Not sure?  Read the About Zed Sensations, Policies, TOS and Support Pages.

1.  Sugarfairy2 will not tolerate people abusing the chat for all other purposes besides store support for the current group members.

2. Sugarfairy2 will not tolerate discussing other companies, hurting the company name and insulting other members.

  • No club spam.
  • Do NOT post a slurl to another SIM in the group chat.

– We are not a personal relations help centre concerning your personal relationships with friends, lovers etc.

  • Attention seekers PLEASE!!! I am not your babysitter and dont have time to sit and work around YOU when you tell me I am too lazy, I am this and that…. Sugarfairy2 is not your Mother, emotional service provider, girlfriend, wife or guidance councillor.

3. If you have a problem with an item. Please contact Sugarfairy2 Resident that you purchased the item from. Please don’t open group chat for these issues because honestly NO ONE can help you besides the creator.

4. No Spamming the group with gestures.

5. No rudeness or name calling in the group. This includes ‘warnings’ about certain individuals that may or may not have done something to you or a friend. For example: A bot, griefer, scammer. by going into a group chat and posting names of people that may/or may not be up to no good is called defaming, and is barred from SL.

6. If anyone is found breaking the rules of the chat, their text will be muted by a moderator and the chat right will be taken. You will not be kicked from the group unless decided on by the owner.

7. If a inappropriate event occurs in the group, and there are no officers or moderators in the group at the time, please note card the situation, and send it to the owner.

8. If you choose to turn off your notices for this group. We still offer a subscriber system so you can still get information on new items and sales.

9. Customers are welcome to post in the group for the MM boards, and Lucky Chairs that belong to ZED SENSATIONS but not every minute or number count down.

  • Do not spam the group with MM boards nor products that are not of ZED SENSATIONS.

10. We do not offer refunds for joining the group. We do not offer the group for free. By doing so, it would not be fair to those that paid to join the group!

11. ZED SENSATIONS PRODUCTS to be discussed only.

12. If you get caught breaking the stores TOS, you will loose the group (without refund), and be banned from the store. Make sure you are following the stores TOS.

13. Be Nice or be BANNED!


2 thoughts on “GROUP (CHAT)”

    1. Tina, I will be happy to tell you, if you are referring to the one in the header of the page sure… Catwa hair store in secondlife and the name of the hair is Evie. You can search this in the marketplace or find the Catwa store inworld.

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