Our standard products are sold as is.  This page are for those customers who feel they want something that is just for them and what they feel they would like.

First you may have the right to contact me and ask but here are the following things you will need to know:

1.  I dont really encourage it due to the time that I have because of many medical appointments and health issues.

2.  I cannot promise when things can be done in such and such a time.

3.  TIME IS THE FACTOR and there is a great possibility I will not do it.  If I find I will be able to and have nothing pre-planned in my projects for the season list, then I might be able to do a custom project.

PRICE – Custom works base price is 10 000, if you want exclusivity you will pay 20 000. That is only the base, if the outfit demands more then price will go up according to the time and expenses involved.




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