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Lucky Charm FM OUTFIT

lucky charm outfit 1_001

Cute and sexy St Patricks day fitmesh outfit. A really nice way to celebrate the irish festivities.
This outfit gives for the standard sl classic avatar and the mesh bodies as listed below.

Materials Enabled ( enhanced texturing once enabled will be noticed when you activate your advanced lighting and ambient occlusion in your Preferences in your viewer)
RLV friendly

Sculpted hat with unrigged mesh flowers (resizer script inside
Sculpted hat with no flowers (resizer script inside)

Fitmesh top for sl classic
Fitmesh skirt for sl classic
Fitmesh boots for sl classic

Fitmesh top for Eve Pulpy
Fitmesh skirt for Eve Pulpy
Fitmesh boots for Eve Pulpy

Fitmesh top for Eve Slim
Fitmesh skirt for Eve Slim
Fitmesh boots for Eve Slim

Fitmesh top for Belleza Isis (remember to click the breast option on your belleza body hud)
Fitmesh skirt for Belleza Isis
Fitmesh boots for Belleza Isis

Fitmesh top for Belleza Freya (remember to click the breast option on your belleza body hud)
Fitmesh skirt for Belleza Freya
Fitmesh boots for Belleza Freya

Fitmesh top for Slink Physique
Fitmesh skirt for Slink Physique
Fitmesh boots for Slink Physique

Fitmesh top for Slink Hourglass
Fitmesh skirt for Slink Hourglass
Fitmesh boots for Slink Hourglass

Fitmesh top for Maitreya (compatible only)
Fitmesh skirt for Maitreya (compatible only)
Fitmesh boots for Maitreya (compatible only)

Fitmesh top for TMP (compatible only)
Fitmesh skirt for TMP (compatible only)
Fitmesh boots for TMP (compatible only)

Try the Demo inworld to make sure it meets your satisfaction before purchasing.