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Popping Cherries fitmesh Nipples EVE


Popping cherries nipples 3_001

There are now versions for Belleza Isis and freya (natural), Slink hourglass, Maitreya and Tonic Fine

Fitmesh nipples for Eve Mesh body, pulpy and slim

Materials enabled

Adjusts with your sliders

Moves with your physics

NEW! Hide and show  (click on the hide/show button to show and again to hide)

NEW! These have been updated with new scripts for a KILL SCRIPTS button to help you on script control sims.

  •  I have added a kill scripts button by request but remember the following:Once you kill the script your hide/show button wont work.So please make a copy of the nipples first. Keep the original with the script safe.
    The second you can kill script but after that it will not respond to the huds anymore.WARNING!! there will no warning before it kills the script from products content.. you could lose control of the item.

15 preset nipple skin tones

Shininess for specular control

Glow control

To hide and show, click the red no entry sign to hide and then one of the nipples on the hud to show.

ATTENTION: If you find yourself with a script error like this for example: [06:03] Zed Sensations*.Popping Cherries Nipples HUD V2 [script:.:*BoSH*:. Mesh Universal Plus Master v1.15 (c)] Script run-time error.

  •   ACTION TO TAKE – please detach and reattach, it means you were clicking the buttons too fast and confused the scripts and jammed the hud.

Guide for Belleza mesh body users :

These have to be worn on the Belleza Natural breast position.

What might fit your friend, might not fit you, shape can be influence.

Question: Oh where do I find this?

It will be on the Lite mesh body version and if you are using the full version body you need to go to the Hud and go to the Shape Tab and choose Natural.

Guide for Maitreya users:

Desactivate one of the layers if there seems to be texture conflict.  The nipples have alpha based textures for better tone blending purposes.

What might fit your friend, might not fit you, shape can be influence.

Guide for tonic users:

First go to your Tonic mesh body hud and go to the Skin tab. Then set your nipple shape to PERKY or FLAT.

There is a hide/show button

My fitmesh is not designed to fit especially over these nipples so you need to hide or detach them. These are for naked purposes alone.

Applier clothing will not go over this either.

Demo available inworld at the front of the store and elite skins section

MESH BODY Note –  there is a slight spacing between the mesh body and nipples, it cannot get any closer to the body, as it falls upon the 3 layers of the mesh body.  So try a demo first before purchasing.