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Appliers Systems

First of all,  a question to the new members of SL is this, “What is an applier?”  Due to the evoluting body building in secondlife, we have mesh and fitted mesh body parts, such as Breasts and actual full mesh bodies.  As these cannot wear the normal sl layer clothing through the traditional system, APPLIERS needed to made by us, the creators, so that the clothing that could be worn with your sl classic avatar can now be applied and worn on the mesh bodies. These appliers are made by the creators and designers themselves and are included or sold separately to their clients.

Zed Sensations only tends to make appliers for the bodies that have system that omega cannot fully cover (e.g. KL Lena has a skirt system incorporated into the body) or that Zed Sensations has found that clients have been having some trouble with.

IMPORTANT: All extra appliers that are not included in the original product bags will have a 25 linden charge per clothing/underwear/tattoo applier extra.

OBSOLETE BODIES that Zed Sensations still has appliers for (will be slowly not making these appliers in the future, so please convert to the Omega system for safe keeping) but no longer available in Secondlife:

1.  Luck Inc.  Phat Azz and Cute Azz

2.  Ulukie – Ghetto Booty

3. Wowmeh – fitted mesh body (If you find you are having trouble with wowmeh appliers then please use the omega appliers.  Problems applying the appliers have been ocurring to some people on some viewers and this is a problem Zed Sensations cannot fix as Zed Sensations only makes the textures and use the same wowmeh appliers that were supplied by the wowmeh creator.)


TMP (the mesh project) – Zed Sensations will only be releasing these appliers with my latest creations..  All previous items will have to be personally requested and the fees paid to have them made.  We will not be making appliers for TMP concerning our skins nor our roleplay outfits.


If you find you cannot for some reason or other get everything else included in the packages such as hairbases, skins, etc, then you must state your dissatisfaction with mesh head or mesh bodies themselves, as I make with what I am permitted by them. They are the ones who decide if we can or cannot make appliers for certain things for you. Zed Sensations is not in control of what you lack or cannot have we do our best to strive to support all of our clients with all of their needs but we also work within our own policies. If a mesh body brand contradicts our own policies there is only so much we can do to protect our own work. You as the client are limited by what the mesh bodies brands will allow you.

EVE appliers support both bodies for Pulpy and Slim versions.

We do sell the Omega mesh body kits b181d356c419ea78caf18d43d13feda7

Each applier has it system of working according to the type and model of body you are using.  Please accustom yourselves to the huds that come with your type of brand fitted mesh body.

Please bear in mind, the omega kits and mesh body systems are designed with texture based clothing in mind, not Mesh clothing.

This system is to simplify us from a world of appliers for the creators and the customers.  This is not always a guarantee that everything will run smoothly so if you have a bad rendering result on a particular body we cannot hold ourselves responsible.  We only hold ourselves responsible for a possible a uuid error concerning wrong colour or actual texture uuids errors (which are possible when working long hours on endless applier scripts, secondlife lag (causing the scripts not to save correctly… Zed Sensations calls it last minute bouncing back and forth).  This we will happily fix for you without a problem and as soon as we can.  Anything not concerning this you will have to discuss the applier problem with the Omega Applier Creator:  Chellynne Bailey


Omega appliers are not compatible with:

TMP (The Mesh Project)


Transparent background textures on mesh attachments / clothing worn with applier textures on fitted mesh bodies


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