Roxy fm outfit

An amazing little set, fitmesh skirt and top that has so many features and possibilities.  Fresh, light and creative.

Only for the fitmesh bodies as listed

Materials Enabled ( enhanced texturing once enabled will be noticed when you activate your advanced lighting and ambient occlusion in your Preferences in your viewer)


The Hud


This hud allows you to:

  1.  Texture (Lace and plain) and control the transparency of the upper top
  2.  Texture (Lace and plain) and control the transparency and glow of the lower top
  3.  Texture and control the glow of the stud decors of top and skirt
  4. Texture the main skirt
  5. Texture and control the transparency, and glitter of the lines of the skirt
  6. Texture and control the transparency and glow of the second skirt flap
  7.  Texture the zip (gold and silver)

List of the Mesh bodies this outfit is made for:

Fitmesh top for Eve pulpy
Fitmesh skirt for Eve pulpy

Fitmesh top for Eve Slim
Fitmesh skirt for Eve Slim

Fitmesh top for Belleza Isis (natural)
Fitmesh skirt for Belleza Isis (natural)

Fitmesh top for Belleza Freya (natural)
Fitmesh skirt for Belleza Freya (natural)

Belleza users remember to adjust your breast positions which are done your mesh body hud.

Fitmesh top for Slink Physique
Fitmesh skirt for Slink Physique

Fitmesh top for Slink Hourglass
Fitmesh skirt for Slink Hourglass

Fitmesh top for Maitreya compatible only
Fitmesh skirt for Maitreya compatible only (maitreya information)

Information about mesh clothing and how to wear them


This product can be purchased inworld and the demo is only available inworld



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