Eveolution Mesh Head + Bento

The above image is the Rigged version and the Image below is Bento version with animation

Today I am going to do a whole revision of Eveolution mesh head for Eve.

The animation set for the Bento head is #1 and sold separately for 450 lindens at the Eve store. (5 animations in the set)

The Evolution Beta – Bento has been released.

Things you need to know –

  1.  you cant use the standard expression huds available in the mp.  I have tried a few and none worked so far.  So I am assuming now the head requires a scripted expression hud specifically for the head itself.  So you must purchase the animation set  ( a set of 5 animations) for the head above that was released on the 23/12/2016, for the value of 450 lindens
  2.  the head can be reshaped with many of the sliders to change eyes, nose, mouth, cheeks and ears in Edit shape mode.
  3.  Fitmesh hair and unrigged hair will be your best bet for Bento heads, as the rigged doesnt resize with the head.  The rigged hairs seems more suitable for the rigged mesh head and not bento.
  4.  Remember to activate the head with the Omega Eve kit as you did with your heads before.  You will also require this Generic Router for Omega heads
  5.  You have no need to blend the neckline with the EVE head and EVE body if you are using the same skin from the same creator.  The darkness you see under your chin is natural sl lighting and its a natural shadow from under your jaw line.
  6.  Omega appliers are simply a third party measure, this is why Ginger Chevalier constantly encourages designers to make their appliers with the EVE dev kit appliers which are provided free of charge for them.  She clearly states in her weblink her open reasons concerning Omega due to the fact that omega is not made to adhere to every part of the Eveolution head that she has available for her eve clients, for example:  eyelashes  https://eveavatar.wordpress.com/tuto-help/about-omega/

There is a basic free head at the Eve store and the full BETA version which is sold for only 825 lindens inworld and in the marketplace

I will try to cover many aspects of this incredible mesh body so that you can understand.  YES!  You will need to READ this because if you do not you are depriving yourself the knowledge of how to use this amazing product.  The head works best with the OFFICIAL Eve skin and make-up appliers supplied by the Official Eve designers for the features of this amazing head, but as this head is also Omega friendly, you can activate your Eveolution head with the Omega Eve kit  and here is the Omega Help. 

You will also require this Generic Router for Omega heads

and start purchasing some omega products to open your options, but omega is not an Eve product (omega creator is chellynne bailey) so please be sure to join the appropriate support group for support of their products.

The Rigged (non-bento) MESH HEAD can be resized but cannot be reshaped

    •  The eyes need to be made an eye depth of zero or according to the initial shape you are wearing.
    •   You can use your own secondlife eyes, or purchase mesh eyes from several eye mesh makers:  Customeyes, Ikon eyes, Fateyes and several others you can try in the marketplace according to what you like.  How to edit your mesh eyes with mesh head

This is the Eve hud.  It has two tabs – skin and Make up

Starting with the SKIN TAB


Ginger has supplied you two skins, these skins for full body compliment you need the Eve Mesh Body

    • with and without eyebrows
    • skin 1 and 2 different skins
    • skin 3 is with freckles for the face

skin body is skins with and without freckles

Now we see the eyebrow selection.  This can only be used on the skins suppled WITHOUT eyebrows, because if you use this you could end up with some crazy double eyebrow layers.

The CLEAR button is to remove the eyebrow.

Colour Palette Utility (on the MAKE UP tab of the hud)

You will see the colour palette I have put on the side.  There are a whole lot of buttons to choose from.  These buttons are to tell the hud what you want to colour.  The little buttons on top are the SAVE BUTTONS.  To save the colour you want, just click the little arrow underneath the save block.  To clear all colours click the WHITE RESET BUTTON.

RGB FUNCTION http://wiki.secondlife.com/wiki/Advanced_menu/1.23/1.23

So if you want to colour your eyebrows, you click on the EYEBROW tab and start colouring away.

This is for the NECK JOIN to match skins or if you for some reason get a distinct neckline.  There is a size for the SLIM body, a size for the PULPY and an SL (basic secondlife avatar) size and an X to remove the neck join.  Colouring and toning is the same procedure as the eyebrows.  Click on the Neck tab then colour.

I will try to cover more with Eve and other mesh bodies ( I cannot do all of them, I will do with the mesh bodies I presently own, any other body, use this as a guide and try to figure it out yourself.)  Please click on the links for further information.

Concerning skins and neckjoins.  The best quality is to use the same brand skin from the same creator.  The head incorporates the neckjoin when made properly with EVE skin appliers.  When using the same skin with the Eveolution head and Eve mesh body (pulpy and, or Slim) you should not need to use the neckjoin.  There is always a slight tone difference between head and body depending to secondlife 3D lighting, your graphic preferences from low to ultra high, so therefore that is a factual acception. (As these are factors we cannot control.  You and your pc.

Eveolution and Belleza

Eveolution and E-body

Eveolution and Maitreya

Eveolution and Signature Alice

Eveoltuion and Slink mesh bodies

Eveolution and Tonic mesh bodies

Eveolution and SL mesh body – Wear a system layer skin and use the Eveolution SL size neck join and the colour palette for any other extra skin toning you need.  Remember the lighting in secondlife plays a big part so dont stress out when there is a slight tone colour difference between head and body.

Eveolution and Slink Physique and Hourglass

Many have asked about Eveolution and TMP – No, it doesnt give



Well now we come to the part of the head control for :

    • hiding and showing the eyelashes and ears.

    • Opening and closing of the eyes and click the play (arrows) button to turn the auto blink on or off
    • 3 lip postions and click the (arrows) play button to allow the mouth to animate talk when you type in local chat.
    • FACIAL ANIMATIONS QUESTION Quoted by GingerWhat you want? | EVE & ADAM
        • GingerChevalier

          11 January 2016 at 9 h 19 min

          we must waiting for more animation on the head:) just linden have not released the Bento project:) so for now i go to purpose a first head basic and animation coming later:)
          for the body one update coming soon too but it’s not possible just now to add more alpha i hope in a future update:)



This is pretty basic.  This is to make you more glossy on your skin. Ginger supplied you with 3 maps: 1, 2, 3 and X to remove it.  The black is for less shine and the white is for more shine.

Hairbase options…..YAAAAAAAAAAAAAAY

You have basic hairbase options.  You can colour them too (remember to click on the HAIRBASE button by the colour palette which is on the MAKE UP tab.

  • You can click the CLEAR button to go completely bald (if your skin that you purchased gives for it)
  • You can buy hairbase appliers from creators


Ok as you will see I sectioned these tabs off because these two require MASKING AND BLENDING


Click the M B buttons at the end til the textures settle

These textures are alpha layer based (transparent backgrounds) so as they are on top of each other we need to click the masking and blending buttons so that the textures can blend nicely over each other and be friends.  Incase of a cut look on the make up, just remove the eye make up and eyeliner, then put them back on again.  This usually does the trick when the sl glitch is being stubborn.  You can buy some really pretty eyelashes from Sexy Dreams store inworld and in the marketplace

  • You can colour these  using the colour palette (remember to click the  Lashes tab to colour the eyelashes and the Eyeliner tab to colour the eyeliner)
  •  CLEAR button to remove them


Here we have eyeshadow, lipstick, Blush, Freckles and face tattoo options

To colour click on the

  • Eyeshadow tab – to colour the eyeshadow
  • Eyeliner tab – to colour the eyeliner
  • The blush, freckles and face tattoo occupy the same layer, so you can colour the textures by clicking on the Blush tab.

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