Fatal fitted mesh Gown

Fatal Gown BEIGE Fatal Gown BLACK Fatal Gown BLUE Fatal Gown GREEN Fatal Gown PINK Fatal Gown RED Fatal Gown white

A gown of elegance and for the season. Fitted mesh with a flexi skirt. You will be required to own one of the fitted mesh bodies:
Eve Pulpy
Eve Slim
Belleza Isis
Belleza Freya
Slink Physique

TMP (the mesh project) – the outfit of this particular version is compatible and not official.
Materials Enabled ( enhanced texturing once enabled will be noticed when you activate your advanced lighting and ambient occlusion, also HARDWARE SKINNING in your Preferences in your viewer)


Fitted mesh gloves Eve pulpy
Fitted mesh top Eve pulpy
Fitted mesh cape Eve pulpy
Fitted mesh skirt Eve pulpy
Flexi skirt (mod)

Fitted mesh gloves Eve Slim
Fitted mesh top Eve Slim
Fitted mesh cape Eve Slim
Fitted mesh skirt Eve Slim
Flexi skirt (mod)

Fitted mesh gloves Belleza Isis
Fitted mesh top Belleza Isis
Fitted mesh cape Belleza Isis
Fitted mesh skirt Belleza Isis
Flexi skirt (mod)

Fitted mesh gloves Belleza Freya
Fitted mesh top Belleza Freya
Fitted mesh cape Belleza Freya
Fitted mesh skirt Belleza Freya
Flexi skirt (mod)

Fitted mesh gloves Slink Physique
Fitted mesh top Slink Physique
Fitted mesh cape Slink Physique
Fitted mesh skirt Slink Physique
Flexi skirt (mod)

Fitted mesh gloves TMP compatible
Fitted mesh top TMP compatible
Fitted mesh cape TMP compatible
Fitted mesh skirt TMP compatible
Flexi skirt (mod)

Try the Demo inworld to make sure it meets your satisfaction before purchasing. http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Static%20Beats/84/236/59



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