F the world OUTFIT

Skin and outfit for Day of the Dead and Halloween

We live in a world of so much sadness and loss. Our actual reality effects our virtual reality and vice versa. In both worlds where we have become so selfish and eager to destroy the next person without a second thought, no respect because we are so disconnected yet ironically connected by the internet ……. In one moment, remember this if you still have something alive in you, just love and appreciate the best of each other…. give the best of you, in a positive way that you are able in every full day of your life…. even if its a smile or kind gesture, that simple action can mean the world to someone.
Materials Enabled ( enhanced texturing once enabled will be noticed when you activate your advanced lighting and ambient occlusion in your Preferences in your viewer)


included are Soul ears standard and mer appliers

SL top and pants
SL skin
Sculpted skirt

Appliers for:

Lolas Tango

Eve pulpy and slim skin applier Materials enabled (Serves for EVE body, feet, BellyEve, mesh heads including Eve’olution)
Eve pulpy and slim clothing applier Materials enabled

Slink Physique skin Materials enabled (Serves for Slink Physique body, Slink Visage Heads, Hands and Feet)
Slink Physique skin (Serves for Slink Physique body, Slink Visage Heads, Hands and Feet)
Slink Physique clothing applier Materials enabled
Slink skin feet applier
Slink skin hands applier

Belleza skin applier Materials Enabled
Belleza clothing applier Materials Enabled

Maitreya skin applier Materials Enabled
Maitreya clothing applier Materials Enabled

Omega skin (includes texture for the mesh heads) and clothing appliers Materials Enabled
Try the Demo of the skin ONLY inworld to make sure it meets your satisfaction before purchasing. http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Static%20Beats/84/236/59

marketplace https://marketplace.secondlife.com/p/Zed-SensationsF-THE-WORLD-with-lolas-tango-mirage-Eve-pulpy-and-slim-slink-physique-maitreya-Belleza-omega/5429534


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