Sincere Promise Bridal Gown

Sincere Promise bride

A Haute couture fashion bridal gown. Filled with class and guided into the bridal fashion of the times. Unique umbrella veil,with the speckled embroidered sequin floral fabric, which showers the gown with finesse and an elegant new feat of class. Partial mesh Gown with lit candles.

Flexi skirts and collar are mod.

Contains 2 animations:
Mesh Umbrella with animation incorporated (resizable)
1 to pose with bouquet.
Mesh floral bouquet
Mesh sleeves (in 5 sizes)
Bridal train with sculpted waistband is modifiable
Flexi skirt is mod
Mesh Floral headdress

Supports appliers for skin and clothing:
lolas tango
dark cat
sking brazilia (FITTED MESH ONLY!! Remember that exagerated parts will NOT fit properly under the sculpts. There is a limit that sculpts can tolerate.)
G. Inc Perfect bum/body
Ghetto Booty

Eve applier hud for clothing pulpy
Eve applier hud for clothing slim

Wowmeh applier for clothing

Omega appliers for clothing

Kitties Lair Lena clothing for fitted mesh body applier

Slink Physique clothing applier hud
Slink gloves applier

Brazilia doll clothing applier hud

Vs clothing appliers ( tested on Genesis)

Tmp (the mesh project) applier
This product is created by Zed Sensations
Copyright 2014
It is entitled for redelivery, which is also available at our inworld store. Upon buying, it is the buyer’s responsibility to understand the seller and creator will not be held accountable for any lost, duplicated purchases or deleted incidences.


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