Carolina outfit Eve

carolina outfit Eve

A really sexy hot fitted mesh Eve outfit for that out on the night or for that walk in city when shopping.

Fitted mesh jumpsuit Eve pulpy
Fitted mesh rope belt Eve pulpy
Fitted mesh eve heels L and R Eve pulpy
Fitted mesh jumpsuit Eve Slim
Fitted mesh rope belt Eve Slim
Fitted mesh eve heels L and R Eve Slim
Hud to texture the jumpsuit, belt and kneehigh lace up sandals.

Try the DEMO inworld at the mainstore only.

This will not fit your secondlife avatar nor any other fitted mesh body apart from this brand.



Take Flight Gown



An elegant ballroom gown fitting for the most elegant of evenings. The fitted mesh draped shawl around the arm subtly caressing over the shoulders and arms, slipping of the ends off her hands. Sensuality and delicate warmth in this gown.

This gown gives for the sl avatar and the fitted mesh bodies as will be listed below.
Materials Enabled appliers and accessories.
Skirts and Necklace are resizable via script Only!!

Sl layer clothing layers
Fitted mesh draped shawl for sl avatar and all other mesh bodies, for eg. Tmp, G. Inc Perfect Body, Maitreya, Belleza, Wowmeh (3.1 insize), Kitties Lair Perky, etc. There are DEMOS available at the inworld store. I HIGHLY suggest you make a point of trying the demos if you have any doubts. The Demos are for the DRAPED SHAWL ONLY!)
Fitted mesh draped shawl for EVE PULPY
Fitted mesh draped shawl for EVE SLIM
Fitted mesh draped shawl for SLINK PHYSIQUE

Fitted mesh draped shawl Belleza Isis
Fitted mesh draped shawl Belleza Freya

Best hands to use for Belleza hands and slink hand users

Hand options for mesh bodies2

Rigged Mesh skirt panels 5 sizes
Rigged Mesh skirt panels 5 sizes Materials enabled
(Choose which one you wish to wear, do not wear both at the same time)

Appliers included are the following:

Lolas Tango

Sking Brazilia doll

Eve Pulpy and Slim

Maitreya Lara Materials Enabled

Belleza Venus

Omega Materials Enabled ( for bodies such as ebody, G. Inc Perfect Body, Kitties Lair, etc)

Wowmeh appliers

TMP – the mesh project

Slink Physique clothing hud

Vs Fusion Genesis applier

Visit our store inworld and try the Demo which is at the inworld store only. If you wish to keep up with the new releases, join the store group.



Brandy fitted mesh outfit

Brandy Outfit

This is a springy, summer outfit. Compiled of a lovely zebra animal printed satin top , denim jeans and wooden soled heels.


This outfit does give for the secondlife avatar and the fitted mesh bodies as mentioned below.

There is a texture changing hud included for the possibility of
8 top pantone colours
3 denim jeans pantone colours (blue, black and grey)
4 heels textures

Included in the bag are:

Fitted mesh top sl (butt size 0-68) / Wowmeh (3.1 insize)
Fitted mesh top sl2 (butt size 69 – 100)
Fitted mesh top Eve Pulpy
Fitted mesh top Eve Slim
Fitted mesh top Slink Physique
Fitted mesh jeans sl (butt size 0-68)
Fitted mesh jeans sl2 (butt size 69-100)
Fitted mesh jeans Eve Pulpy
Fitted mesh jeans Eve Slim
Fitted mesh jeans Slink Physique

Converted fitted mesh for the following:

Fitted mesh top Tmp
Fitted mesh top Vs Fusion
Fitted mesh top Belleza
Fitted mesh top Maitreya
Fitted mesh jeans Tmp
Fitted mesh jeans Vs Fusion
Fitted mesh jeans Belleza
Fitted mesh jeans Maitreya
Fitted mesh jeans Wowmeh 3.1 insize

Mesh heels for Slink High Feet
Mesh heels for Eve adaptive Feet
WARNING! All other mesh bodies to PURCHASE or USE (if purchased already) the slink high feet to wear the heels.

DISCLAIMER/WARNING: On all accounts be aware that the mesh clothing that are made (apart from Slink Physique and EVE)… are simply unofficial converted versions for your mesh bodies. Until we get the correct mesh clothing kits from the actual mesh body creators, such as Tmp, Maitreya, Belleza, Kitties Lair, (Wowmeh unfortunately NEVER) and Vs Fusion. I always RECOMMEND that you try the demos which are always available at the inworld vendors so that you can make sure first of what you want). My demos are script protected, therefore NO COPY, so always when getting a demo, rezz the bag at home or at a sandbox and open to your inventory from there. DO NOT HOLD AND OPEN, the items will not appear. WE DO NOT REFUND under any circumstances. Please READ our policies and TOS rules and take into consideration seriously,

We also have help pages concerning mesh.

The demos are only available at the inworld store. I highly recommend you try the demos.


Beguile Gown

Beguile gown

A very sexy and sensually appealing gown. A gown for the romantic woman at heart.
Resizable via scripts

1 universal hud:

lolas tango
dark cat tango
sking brazilia
G. Inc Perfect Bum
Ghetto Booty
Slink appliers for the gloves.
Slink Physique clothing applier

Omega appliers

wowmeh appliers

Eve applier hud for pulpy and slim




Brazilia Doll

Link to the blog:

Visit our store inworld to see more of what we have available.


Mesh Heads with mesh bodies (example EVE head and body)

Today I am going to try to inform you what to do when purchasing a mesh head and wearing it with your body.

The mesh head I am using today is the Eveolution Head with the Eve Slim v8.4 (whether it be pulpy, makes no difference).  This mesh head guide can be used for Adam mesh head and other mesh head.

We want to learn how to resize the head to fit the body and oh yeah, fix those eyes that are just scattered everywhere.


The alpha for the head and eyes is to hide the secondlife eyes (as you can see in the picture below), so that you replace them with mesh or prim eyes

If you wish to attempt to use your secondlife eyes then wear the Alpha with the head only, but if you are using a mesh body and mesh head, it would be advisable to choose the alpha for the body and head or the body + head + eyes (for mesh eyes)

Now, You should be looking like this more or less on first go LOL

eve mesh head messed up eyes


We are going to go to HEAD and resize our heads to our liking and that is also favorable to the eyes

eve head size

3.  Now we quickly go to the next tab EYES and get busy there

adjust the following :

eve smaller eyes eve eye depth

Ok, what i did next after this, was go to the marketplace and quickly hunt for mesh eyes.  I did this help page for you because I dont usually wear a mesh head but I had to give it go just so I could try it out and as I was learning I was screenshotting the process to help you.

Ginger suggested Ikon eyes, the mesh eyes for Ikon are only sold inworld  , but for some odd reason, I just had to buy these eyes Customeyes,  I adjusted them as instructed and got the colour that I would like after posing on my posestand and got this result

eve eyes fixed

for a little extra on the neck use

the eve neckline support for a smoother tone transition

Everything takes time and effort and nothing is perfect first time around.  Open your minds and if you like spending money to improve your avatar, then take the time and effort to try all possibilities on making that avatar work for you.  I hope this has helped you in some way.

Mesh eyes are just getting onto a pose stand after adding each of them.  Then follow the instructions, if really needed, edit each one by moving them for a better look, but remember to copy them before you edit the originals

Essense Dress

essense dress

Fitted mesh dress.  Spring summer look for that outdoor stroll in the gardens, or a  lovely evening/cocktail dress for that momentous occasion.  This gives for the secondlife (sl) avatar and third party fitted mesh bodies as mentioned below.

Materials enabled – how to be able to visualise this effect is on a notecard within the bag.

Comes with a hud for 10 pantone texturing.

Fitted mesh dress for the sl avatar

Fitted mesh dress for Eve Pulpy

Fitted mesh dress for Eve Slim

Fitted mesh dress for Slink Physique

The following dresses were adjusted for compatibility with:





Remember to read our policies, support, mesh bodies and clothing and tos on our website.

Make sure to try the Demo which is available at the inworld storeonly. Demo bags are to be rezzed at your own home or at a public sandbox then opened to inventory.